Videos are is impressive catalysts for engagement in training and e-learning: Adding videos to your content can improve your ability to remember concepts and details, with effects that even increase over time, providing engaging content that helps achieve goals. 

Vyond allows you to create different and highly customizable characters to suit any context, from specific jobs and workplaces to informal environments, Vyond offers different styles for hundreds of possible combinations, allowing you to create MP4 or animated GIFs for social media or interactive content creation platforms. With Vyond, anyone can create animated content: created for professionals of all skill levels across all industries, Vyond allows you you create dynamic videos for any audience.

Why do you need it?

At the end of the course you'll know how to use the main functions of Vyond Studio, and you'll have created your first video!

Who is it for?

HR, Platform administrators, trainers, instrcutional designers e digital content developers


What you'll learn


From slides to videos

Animated resources


Movement path

Camera movement

Speaking characters   

Text to speech
Lip Sync
Expressions and actions
Adding real voice

Uploading files
Character creator
Global change
Saving as template

Basics for creating videos

    How can I create, edit and preview a video?
    Does Vyond Studio have keyboard shortcuts?
    How do i use folders to organize videos?
    Quick access
Backgrounds, patterns and styles


    How do you add a scene transition?
    How do I make a character walk or run?
    How do I reorder the entry and exit bills?
    How do I add a zoom effect (camera effect)?

Imported resources

    How do you import resources?
    What are assets?
    Where can I see my imported resources?
    How do you name an imported resource?


    How do I adjust the volume levels or the fade?
    How do I get a character to speak or lip sync?
    Why does the audio drop out at the end of the video?
    How to add audio to my scene?
    What is the difference between a background music, an ambient track and a sound effect?
    How do you split or trim an audio clip?


    How is RTF formatting applied?
    How do I add open captions?
    How do I automatically resize fonts?
    What is the title, subtitle and body?
    What series fonts are present in Vyond Studio?


    How are the times and movements of the camera regulated?
    What is the compressed and expanded timeline?

Previewing, exporting and managing videos

    Can I download the video source file or edit my videos offline?
    How do I access my previous videos?
    What is the limit on the duration of the video?
    How can I recover a deleted video?
    How do I change the frame rate of a video?


The course has as its output the publication of a first pilot video project


  • Attitude to use a "visual" style in creating documents
  • Basic knowledge of English is useful to understand the names of the application menus
  • It is not mandatory, but it can also be accompanied by the course on Designing content for e-learning
  • Having already installed Vyond Studio on your notebook, if only in the free version (duration 14 days).


Francesca Pellacani
Instructional designer & multimedia e-learning courses developer



2 days