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Custom and Off-The-Shelf e-learning courses: all the ingredients for your company's training


We also like to offer blended solutions, especially when training on soft skills is needed, especially for management and for the sales network. & nbsp;

We work willingly on the Internet with other professionals, classroom, coaching, experiential training. All paths are supported from using digital tools for approach to discussion, sharing content and materials, completing and returning tests. All activities, the latest, which can be performed thanks to the platform & e-learning.

These are our partners for these issues: 


Stefania Padoa - Professional coach. Behavioral training.
Communication consultant and teacher, sales techniques and HR development


Soft-Skills Courses Catalog


One of the most effective interventions to monitor the company climate and activate concrete actions of cohesion in the working group.

Duration: one to two days + e-learning


The distinctive element is not the product, but the service. Our goal is to enhance the sales style of each sales person, in compliance with company directives. 

A path to increase leadership, better organize resources and improve sales network performance, through activities that stimulate dialogue, creativity and the potential of the entire work team. 

Duration: two days + e-learning


A targeted training to strengthen the negotiation skills, indispensable for all company roles and functions: from sellers, who must be able to negotiate the terms of a commercial proposal, to managers, who can only drive and grow through negotiation their collaborators.

Duration: one to two days + e-learning


Safety in the workplace is an apparently just technical issue. In fact, alongside an information process, there is a communicative one, which is the real responsible for errors and oversights during the working activity.
The training, thanks to the association between modalities in the classroom and modalities in e- learning, will provide innovative tools to effectively communicate the principles of safety at work, consciously managing company objectives and resources (human and material) available.
Duration: one day + e-learning


Stroked by time? Are you sure you can delegate? And if so, what and to whom? Of all the resources, the worst is often the time, which is, instead, the most democratic. And equally bad time management depends on the inability to delegate (vertically and horizontally) who could perform the same tasks with less effort and more results.
The activities, structured according to the classroom formula + e-learning, will be focused on identifying the modalities that individuals and in general the work team put in place in the management of time, in order to optimize individual and group efficiency curves. Particular attention will be given to the issue of delegation, intended as a process and as a fundamental tool for working on the quality and development of company performance.
Duration: from one to two days + e-learning


Speed, problem solving, change management: Agile Project Management comes from the full mastery of all this, combined with managerial skills in managing teams that work for projects and objectives. A complete path, aimed at managerial figures (team leader) with the aim of providing innovative and prompt application tools to improve the performance of the working group.

Duration: two days + e-learning





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Custom Courses

Often the needs of training in the company concern very specific situations for which there are no standard courses already realized.
Some examples:

  • training for sellers and sharing sales documentation,
  • training of administrative staff on internal procedures and management,
  • update on the use of software or specific technical tools,
  • sharing of documents and company procedures,
  • accredited courses for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

In cases like these it is possible to create courses from scratch, thanks to the help of experts in the field, but more often the necessary contents are already in the company, perhaps in the form of documents not yet rationalized or know-how that is specific people.

It's from this information in your possession that you can make digital content in different formats (Power Point, Word, Videos), easily composable in the creation of solutions of extreme scalability.


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Blended courses: Language and Soft Skills


soft skills
Soft Skills
There are things that can not be taught and loved only online, themes that require sharing experience, meeting in a classroom, talking to each other. This is the case of the "Soft Skills": communication, managerial themes, personal development. But why don't we try to bring with us some technology?
Not so much, just the one that needs attention and amplify the benefits of the classroom ;-)
Language Courses


Elearnit also offers online or blended language courses, especially in English but not exclusively, through selected partners. Several of our customers have provided corporate language training projects, especially English. The typical projects are:

  • off-the-shelf elearning language courses
  • custom elearning language courses, tailored to the customer's needs
  • blended courses, which mix the use of online content and classroom training.
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