Integration with other corporate or web applications is one of the hottest topics when you implement an e-learning system. Avoiding that your employees have yet another password to remember, keeping user date in synch in order not to align them manually, guaranteeing course access according to your company policies, gaining a substantial organizational advantage: these are the main advantages when adopting our solutions. 

We offer you consulting to design and implement: 

  • Single-sign on solutions between the LMS and your web or corporate applications 

  • Data synchronization to align the users in your LMS with user data coming from and going to other applications (SAP, HR managemen systems et cetera). 



Starting from open-source solutions when you implement an e-learning system in your company allows you to drastically reduce your burden of cost and time. But it can happen that you might need small interventions to adapt these tools to your company's specific needs.

We often manage these customisations, that can be about:


  • Developing further functions in your LMS, that might be necessary for specific policies in your company or with your customers

  • Modifying existing functions to optimise them or adapt them to specific company tasks 


For example, we developed schedulation and notification systems (also via sms), customised reports, personalised layoutes .... Do you want to kno more? Contact us!



Make your platform even more powerful by adding new functions with these plugins, custom scripts and patches: 



1 Retraining Do you want to know when the HSE course of one of your employees expires, or when your technicians have to take their compliance training? A series of functions and customisations will allow you to plan your training schedules and will remind you the deadlines. 
2 FAQ An F.A.Q. system that will allow your users to take part in the construction of the company know-how. 
3 360°Test

A new way to implement Change Management: define your improvement goals and monitor them via the platform. Evaluate your users through self-evaluation and evaluations made by colleagues or managers: this is the 360° test. An automatic sms will be sent to the involved users, that will fill in the test via smartphone. You'll be able to see the evaluation charts and graphs on your e-learning platform.

4 Test Notification

Your users don't complete the mandatory tests? Do not fill in the customer satisfaction survey? Usa a scheduled sms: your users will be able to take the test directly from the smartphone. You'll be surprised of how much the redemption increases, if you use this system!

5 Time-related certificates

You want to assign certificates only to users who spent at least XX hours and XX minutes in your course? Many mandatory compliance programs require users to spend a certain amount of time in a course: with this custom script you can easily manage this situation and be compliant. 

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6 ecommerce Prestashop

Turn your platform into an e-commerce portal to sell your courses online! With this plugin you'll be able to integrate users and courses and you'll have several controls to ensure the two systems stay aligned. Who buys a course on your e-commerce site will automatically be registered in your LMS and enrolled to the relevant course.

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Test answers details


Do you want the detail of all the individual answers given by your users to a test, to be able to run advanced statistical analysis? With this patch you'll be able to export in .xls format all the individual answers given.  Contact us
8 Event Page Do you have an upcoming event? A workshop, a seminar, a classroom course? Do you want your users to be able to subscribe to the event and automatically be registered to your LMS AND to the event or events they have chosen? The Event Page does exactly this! It's an external page, that you can totally customise, by having the look & feel and the information you want.  Contact us