Why do you need it?

The Articulate Video Pro course is the natural continuation for those who habitually use the software and want to explore in detail all the possibilities offered for editing video by its integrated programs: Storyline, Peek, Replay.


Who is it for?

Anyone who regularly uses Articulate Storyline and wishes to advance to an advanced level in video production and editing, such as HR, platform administrators and teachers.


To attend the course it's necessary to have a basic knowledge of the software or to have previously attended the Articulate Storyline course.

You should have already installed Articulate 360 on your notebook, if only in its free version (duration 30 days).

Course materials

Each participant will be provided with the necessary material to take notes. At the end of the course, the slides commented in class will also be made available.


Storyline 360
• Making screencasting with Storyline 360
• Inserting screencasting in the course
• Inserting videos on individual slides
• Inserting screencasting in the course
- Step by step
- Try Mode
- Test Mode
• Editing or removing screencastings
• Publishing videos with Storyline

Articulate Replay
Making videos with Replay
Editing videos with Replay
Publishing videos with Replay

Articulate Peek
Making videos with Peek
Editing videos with Peek
Publishing videos with Peek

Esercitazioni sull’uso dei video
• Storyline 360
• Articulate Replay
• Articulate Peek


Massimiliano Ferrari

Francesca Pellacani


1 day